Affiliate Partner

Earn 30% Commission for every referral!

The Effortless Website Kits Affiliate Partner Program is an amazing way to provide a great resource for your clients & network – while putting some extra cash in your pocket! Customers all over the world love our incredibly easy to use website kits (set up in hours – with no coding experience required!) and our affiliates excitedly share about our website kits to everyone they know.

The way it works is simple. You join the affiliate partner program & receive your own unique login to our affiliate portal. There, you’ll find unique links (automatically tied to your account) as well as other resources to make it easy-breezy to share about our products.

For every successful affiliate referral, you earn 30% commission – that’s on everything from our base website kits, kit installation package + add-ons!

You might be a good fit as an
affiliate partner if you….

Constantly are asked by clients & customers about creating a website

Have a network of new or budding entrepreneurs

Want to recommend a reputable, compassionate & responsive company to your clients and friends

Want to add a lucrative income stream to your business model

You May Have Questions

When will I get paid?

Awesome question! We make payouts on the FIRST of every month (unless it’s a weekend or holiday, then the next business day).

How Will I Get Paid?

We make payouts via PayPal, easy breezy!

What resources do I have available to use?

We want all of our affiliates to be super successful so we have created an entire suite of resources to help you convey the value of the effortless website kits + other products to your people. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to swipe copy & imagery that have been proven to convert!

Will I be able to track statistics & sales?

But of course! At our core, we are a tech company – which means we love some reports. You will have access to daily reports viewable within your portal to see how many people are clicking on your links, making purchases and more.

How much does it cost to be an affiliate?

How about nothing? You don’t have to pay us a penny (ever!) to be an affiliate. Just sign up and we’ll start paying YOU when you make referrals.

Can I earn commission on my own purchases?

Unfortunately you cannot earn commission when you make a purchase through your own referral link.

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