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Heather Farris & Co.

Heather Farris & Co is a marketing agency specializing in Pinterest Marketing. They offer a wide array of done for you services such as account and ads management. In addition, CEO Heather is passionate about teaching business owners the power of Pinterest for their business. Let’s get to know Heather more and how she used an Effortless Website Kit for her brand new website (it’s gorgeous, by the way!).

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Q&A with Heather Farris of Heather Farris & Co.

Tell us a little about your business.  How did you get started?  Who do you serve?

I actually started my business as a mom blog and after being denied for ads the first time I decided to try and make money offering services to bloggers. I was given my first job by a well known up and coming blogger and I did such a fantastic job with her account that she referred me to all of her friends. My business went from no money to replacing my 9-5 job in 4.5 months from the time I started offering services.

I help bloggers and ecommerce shop owners to strategically place their content in front of cold audiences on Pinterest and grow that traffic organically.

What is your favorite part about running your business?

Watching my clients and students see results they have so longed to see. When they reach out to me excited because their Google Analytics is telling them people are actually on their site and that’s never happened before… that gets me going everyday.

What advice would you give to the entrepreneur or small business owner who is just starting out?

Just start. No matter what your pins look like or if your posts are SEO friendly just start. Someone out there needs your imperfect message and if you never put it out there you will never have the chance to see just how wonderful their transformation is.​

Had you ever used WordPress or Divi before setting up your effortless website kit?

I used Divi first to design this current website but I didn’t have a theme or clear direction so it was really cobbled together. Then I worked with Sam to design a theme for our travel blog and it turned out to be so beautiful I used the same theme on this website.

What was your favorite part about effortless website kit?

The ease of use! Although I still can’t figure out that darn footer but the EWK is such a beautiful design and so easy to set up. All you need is a weekend and your website will be so beautiful and functional!

Where will we see you & your business in 5 years?

I want to be on stage talking about business growth and just starting where you are because so many people get hung up on the how and never actually get started.

It’s time to connect with this incredible business owner. Visit Heather’s website & show her love and encouragement (you might even need to hire her!)

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