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Wheeling to Dream

Heather & Nate Farris of Wheeling to Dream utilized The Nate effortless website kit to create a gorgeous, functional & resource-heavy website for full-time-RV-ing families like theirs. Let’s get to know this couple & their lives as Full Time RV-ers and how effortless it was to get their new website up and running in no time!
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Q&A with Heather Farris of Wheeling to Dream

Tell us a little about your business.  How did you get started?  Who do you serve?

We are a full-time RV travel family sharing our travels and the things we learn along the way with others like us. Our business started when we bought our RV and decided to sell everything to travel full-time. Our love for adventure and burning desire to show our kids what the world has to offer is why we decided to make the leap. Our business serves families like ours who have a desire to take more intentional steps toward quality family time through travel.


With social media in high demand for small businesses, I began to take courses in order to learn more about specific platforms and tools. Before long, I found myself working with a local friend to help her manage her online business. During that time, it became clear that I was gaining the knowledge and experience I needed to start an online business.

Just Sayin’ Social was born from a love of building relationships and a desire to help and serve others.

My niche in this industry is the time I take to learn about each and every one of my clients. By doing this, I’m able to not only serve them well but accurately represent their cultivated brand through Social Media and Online Business Management. I strongly believe that the back end of YOUR business needs to be just as on-point as the front end…and my attention to detail makes sure it gets done right!

What is your favorite part about running your business?

The ability to pickup roots and work from wherever we want whenever we want.

What advice would you give to the entrepreneur or small business owner who is just starting out?

Consistency is key in everything you do. If you’re blogging or creating a YouTube channel then put your head down and work everyday to find the audience you seek. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge even if you think you’re not qualified. Someone needs the transformation you offer and the feeling you will get after just helping ONE person will light a fire under you to keep going.

Had you ever used WordPress or Divi before setting up your effortless website kit?

Yes, on my heatherfarris.com site.

What was your favorite part about effortless website kit?

It was so easy. It was literally the easiest thing ever because of the tutorials & drag and drop capability. I was able to tweak my pages and make them custom to my liking with the click of a mouse.

Where will we see you & your business in 5 years?

I see our blog as a hub for families who are wanting to take their adventures to the next level.

It’s time to connect with this incredible business owner. Visit Heather’s website & show her love and encouragement (you might even need to hire her!)

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